About Us

Star Capital Annuity has a single goal:

Provide financial advisors with an ethical and stable strategy to aid their clients in the mature marketplace.

By applying creative strategies to distinguished products we are able to pledge our expertise to the security of your client’s financial independence.  In times as unstable as these, we want to usher in an evolution of financial security.

Both of us have personally seen the danger and been directly impacted by those closest to us not being properly guided or prepared in securing their future and retirement.  We want to help in the education of our advisors and their clients to make these problems a thing of the past.

The life expectancy for the average American is getting longer.  Your clients not only need to plan for their retirement, but they have to expect that retirement could be a lot longer than they might have foreseen.  We want to show you how you can secure your client’s nest egg through several different types of fixed annuities and life insurance products.

In or Life Insurance division, we help our clients protect and ensure their families future.  In our Annuity division, we secure your financial future through our various safe long-term planning solutions.

Take the first step toward building your business and diversifying your offerings to your customers in a sophisticated and ethical way.  Partner with Star Capital and let us help you grow your business.