Immediate Income Annuities

  • Increase your spending power by creating more immediate income using fewer assets
  • Protect your income by avoiding market fluctuations
  • Provide a guaranteed income stream for life or joint life
  • Enable you to spend other assets on the things you enjoy

Turn your lump sum into guaranteed payments of your choice.  Guarantee them for life or just certain time frame.  The non-qualified account gets to spread out the taxation of interest by spreading out your principal and gains over time.  These payments can be used for other things than just income, even to help fuel life insurance premiums or fund LTC coverage.  Set up your own system of structured payments for college or mortgage payments.  Call us for illustrations showing different payment options guaranteed for the future.

Fixed Indexed Annuities

  • Keep your principal safe and secure
  • Provide predictable, guaranteed interest rates
  • Provide lifetime income

Get upside of the market with NO risk.  The products link earnings to the performance of the market as a whole.  But unlike variable annuities and mutual funds, the Annual Reset provision associated with these products allows you to only participate in positive years.  In negative years the return on these portfolios is 0% and you will NEVER lose a penny.  Better yet, after a downturn in the market, you get to start over the next contract year at a lower number on the market.  There are several premium bonuses and different allocation options that you can choose from to fill many of your financial needs.

Traditional Renewal Rates

These products give you the safety of guaranteed rates with the opportunity and possible advantage of change.  Enhanced first year high guarantees with the renewal rates tied to the interest rate environment every year thereafter.  There are many additional product features that give you options to get a full return of your money as well as the option to transfer or withdraw a large percentage of your account value.

New York Rates

New York is unlike any other state when it comes to fixed annuities.  New York has its own rule and laws when it approves products for sale.  Click Here for a list of the best products that are available.

Multi Year Guarantees

Have the ability to offer your clients safety and security with these 100% full guaranteed products.  Choose from different guarantee periods to give you the total piece of mind throughout the entire duration of the surrender period.  You will always know exactly what you are earning every year of the contract with no worries of interest rate changes.

Hybrid Annuities

The future has arrived; it is giving you the simplicity of having two critical retirement needs taken care of in one great product.  The security of keeping your money at a guaranteed growth of principal coupled LTC coverage.  LTC is important coverage you need for the future.  Most people don't have LTC coverage for a few different reasons.  Those reasons can be forgotten as this product makes those concerns irrelevant by security your LTC needs and letting you control the decisions.